Day 12: Odaiba, Cat Cafe and ALL THE MEAT

Yesterday we wandered Odaiba for half the day and then wandered back over to Shinjuku to a cat cafe! weeeeeee!!! So many cats, so cute <3 This guy here sitting on the table was one of my favourites out of over 40 cats:

kitty kitty kitty <3

We spent I think a good 2-ish hours there before wandering over to a nearby place for yakiniku (basically like KBBQ) where we had ALL THE MEAT for dinner. T’was delicious. While we were waiting for a seat to free up we also wandered over to another arcade/game center where I tried my luck with another crane game to win a Rirakkuma plushie.

Alas I failed…..4 times. I’ll probably try again today 😛

Today is our last full day in Tokyo and in Japan (nuuuuuuuu ;-; ). We’ll be heading out for a sushi breakfast followed by Asakusa and then Square Enix cafe and Shibuya.