Day 13 (Last full day!): Asakusa and allll the shopping

After having breakfast at Tsukiji we wandered off to the shrine in Asakusa, finally got our shaved ice (that we tried many times to have but failed, alassss) and then wandered back to Shibuya for A LOT of shopping (and window shopping lolll). Unfortunately I ended up not being able to find one of the two manga series I was looking for but I did find the other (and ended up buying all the current volumes – 6). After all our wandering we went for tsukemen ramen and then wandered back over to Shinjuku to the Square Enix shop (which was also right by the Square Enix building – of course). I walked away with a bunch of charms and a cactuar (alas no chocobo because they didn’t have a normal non-dressed up chocobo):

10,000 needles!!!

Tomorrow we’re planning to hit up a Mos Burger, wander a bit and then head to the airport to take the time machine back home.

I’m starting to miss Japan already ;-;