Day 14: Last hours in Japan…

(late post! Because I’ve been so jetlagged and tired :P)

…were spent getting ourselves to Tokyo station; searching for a locker to dump stuff in (very successful!); wandering over to the Pokemon Center; lunch at Mos Burger and then more wandering until we decided to actually head to the airport.

The Tokyo Pokemon Center was almost exactly as I remembered it the first time I was there. In fact the picture of Pikachu/Charmander/Piplup is EXACTLY THE SAME. Some differences though were, they moved the union/game room and there were a lot more kids. Like A LOT more. Maybe like….10x more. O.k. maybe I’m exaggerating, but there really were a lot of kids (as in kids between…7–12 years old with their parents) compared to the Yokohama and Osaka Pokemon Centers (also weird that there were so many on a weekday, but oh well). Of course we couldn’t resist grabbing a few more things (again) before joining the check out line up that literally went all the way around the store (there was even a guy with a sign pointing to the end of the line).

Tokyo Pokemon Center

Anyhoo, on to other things, Mos Burger was also pretty much the same as I remembered it (cept for the bread, the bread seemed different) and the fanciful shakes were alas, disappointing (though the other thing we ordered was very good). After taking our sweet time eating lunch at Mos Burger we wandered back to Tokyo station and wandered a bit into the nearby Imperial Palace Garden (well…the very edge of it). Soon after we made our way back to grab our stuff from the lockers and headed to the airport (on the Narita Express again fweee!!!)

Overall, awesome trip! We were lucky to get a lot of good sunny weather (minus the 1.5 days of rain and some really hot and humid days). Some things I learned on this trip that I didn’t think or know about the first time I was in Japan:

  1. the sun rises REALLY early (by 5am it’s really bright outside -so much for sleeping in)
  2. crows are really noisy, and really big and scary-ish
  3. bikes/bikers are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. and they’re out to run you over from every direction (this is one thing I won’t miss about Japan :P)
  4. waiters/waitress’ really don’t mind if you don’t use object counters when ordering food/drinks in Japanese (I tried a few times and they’d usually just repeat my order with generic counters. Lucky me, cause I forgot most of them anyway)
  5. compass directions are relative in some places (I think. I could be wrong. But a few times I did find myself flipping the map upside down to make sense of the directions)
  6. a “normal” bowl of rice is A LOT of rice (compared to the “normal” bowls of rice I’m used to here. I also just don’t eat that much I guess :P)
  7. 100yen coins are your best friend (I knew this already but still. ah, so useful for everything. really)

And…that’s it! Now to continue sorting through pictures.

Maybe I shall post about Montreal next (otherwise my next “big” travel plan is Italy…in 2 years for the World Expo…hopefully)